Our audience is what makes us so special. Across both print and digital, the Wanderlust audience provides you with one of the mosttravelled audiences in the UK, looking for their next travel fix

Early adopters

Wanderlust readers love to know about and explore off-the-beatentrack destinations and activities, whether places are “opening up” or the lesser-known side of a more popular destination. They will travel to places others do not and want to be the first ones to do so.


Wanderlust readers have a genuine interest in the world, its cultures and its people. They research where they are going and have an enquiring mind when exploring new destinations. Our audience have a strong interest in heritage and traditional culture


Wanderlust readers love to get under the skin of a destination. They want to meet the people, understand the culture and feel they have sampled a part of it. They want to eat local, support local businesses, meet and hang-out with the locals.

Nature lovers

Wanderlust readers love wild places, walking and wildlife. They appreciate the natural beauty of a destination and want to preserve it.


Conscious travel is high on their agenda. They want to travel in a natural and sustainable way.


Wanderlust readers are the first to revisit somewhere after a crisis and are eager to explore emerging destinations.